The Help Network  recruits volunteers to assist older adults and persons with disabilities. Our network of volunteers come from all walks of life and assist in many ways, big and small; from providing simple companionship, to assisting with transportation, and everyday life tasks. There is a unique opportunity for every person and the Help Network will be sure to find the perfect fit for each individual. As we expand, the Help Network envisions chapters at cities throughout the USA and internationally to provide support to persons with disabilities and seniors.

Our current programs include:

-Helping Hands Program – places volunteers who visit on a weekly basis to assist people with disabilities and seniors.

-Direct Help Program – when individuals need more help than volunteers can provide, the Help Network funds paid, hourly assistance to meet those needs.  Every $15 donation provides one hour of help.

-Make A Wish Program – an upcoming project, the Help Network will facilitate online profile pages where individuals living with disabilities and seniors can tell the world about themselves and fund raise for special needs they may have (e.g. accessible transportation such as a wheelchair van, a ramp in their home, a trip to somewhere they need to go, extra hours of help, etc).

-On-Call Volunteering Phone Apps- the Help Network is in process of examining smartphone apps that will create an community of “on-call” volunteering, as emergencies often arise unexpectedly.  We have been in contact with Godsend (ITunes volunteers app) and examined 4Bells (emergency responder app).  This program is currently under development.


The Help Network was founded in 2013 by Christian Luna-Labbee after a leg injury. Noticing the lack of support and resources for people struggling with disabilities, he decided to work to make a difference by creating a support network for society’s most vulnerable individuals.